‘It is my choice’ – Ilhan Omar Becomes First Woman To Wear Hijab In US Congress

Ilhan Omar makes history by being one of the first ever female Muslim members of the Congress. She made headlines across the world by being the first woman wearing hijab on the floor of House of Representatives, as new rules have allowed the religious head coverings.

Belonging to Minnesota, the democratic representative changes the course of history as laws change to permit hijab. She was one of the two Muslim women who entered Congress. She was sworn in on the Quran. Under the new law regarding head coverings, regular hats such as cowboy hats and baseball caps are still banned. However, religious coverings are permitted.

A 37-year-old refugee came to the United States from Somali, represent the fifth district of Minnesota, which includes Minneapolis and some of its suburbs. She came to the US as a child refugee and lived in the camp for displaced people in Kenya.

Democrats were to formally end the ban on religious head coverings on the House floor as a part of the new package of rules to govern the house. The package changes the ban on head coverings to exclude ‘’non-religious headdress’’.

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The Somali-American was later sworn in on the Holy Quran in a ceremony by Nancy Pelosi, while she held tasbeeh (prayer beads) in the hands. Speaking about her hijab and her right to choose, Ilhan wrote on Twitter that no one puts it in on her head but it is her own choice to be recognized like that. With that, it is also her right.

‘’No one puts a scarf on my head but me, it’s my choice – one protected by the first amendment’’ – she wrote.

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