Item song, upcoming project & more: Alizeh Shah reveals it all in latest interview

Alizeh Shah revealed that following the viral smoking video, she was offered an item song

Alizeh shah

Actress Alizeh Shah is one of the very few Pakistani celebrities who rarely give interviews. However, the Ehd-e-Wafa girl had an interview with Dawn News, where she opened up about being offered an item song and much more.

Just recently, a video of Alizeh Shah smoking in her car went viral. The actress got mixed response on the internet. Furthermore, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) also advised against sharing the video.

alizeh shah

Responding to the question about her viral video, Alizeh said: “Do you know I was with my family in that car? If my family does not have any issues, who are these nameless, faceless people on social media who decide to judge me?”

When asked why didn’t she say anything despite the social media trolling, the Mera Dil Mera Dushman actress said: “I have realised that it’s wiser to stay quiet. Often, when a woman takes a stand and decides to defend herself, people make life even more difficult for her. It’s easier for me to just disconnect from social media. I know that controversies don’t last for longer than two days and, after that, these very people will be watching my drama and getting excited about it.”

Item song offer

Alizeh Shah revealed that following the viral smoking video, she was offered an item song but she turned down.

“You know, I even got offered an item song right after that video got leaked? One video with a cigarette in it and it was assumed that I was ready to be an item girl! The song had some crazy lyrics, about kalashnikovs for eyes. My friends and I were in hysterics when we heard it!”

Upcoming project

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The 21-year-old shared some good news with her fans. She revealed that she will be working together with Sami Khan and Shahzad Sheikh in an upcoming drama serial. “It is going to be shot in Kashmir and the other half in Lahore. I’m really looking forward to it.”

When she got less work

Alizeh added that once she got a little less work because she had “gained too much weight and my face had gotten red with acne.” “I do remember how there were people who insulted me out loud at the time, asking me what I had done to myself, in crowded places where everyone would turn to scrutinise me. I would be on the verge of crying. Why would I deliberately do anything like that to myself?”


Falling on the catwalk at the Bridal Couture Week (BCW)

According to the Kun Fayakun actress, it was extremely hurtful the way people took pleasure in the BCW incident. “I even danced a bit when I was initially on the catwalk. Still, what hurt me was not that I had fallen, but the way people on social media took pleasure in it. I read cruel comments that, after my song ‘Badnamiyaan’, I had had it coming.”

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  • Bibi it was not a cigarette but a joint. Still its none of our business because we should believe in live and let live.

  • Yeh shaam ka akhbar bun gaya hye masaly daar khabrain yaar koi dhang ki khabar lao mufad e aama ki in madar pidar azad logon sey kisi ko kya lena dena

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