“It’s shocking to have only one certified cardiologist in the entire KP province” SC

Expressing his anger, the CJP stated that the healthcare CEO of KP should resign from his seat.


During a hearing regarding substandard cardiac stents at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, it was revealed that there was only one certified cardiologist in the entire province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

A three-member bench heard the case that was headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Gulzar Ahmed.

The top court expressed displeasure over the chief executive officer of the K-P provincial healthcare commission.

“It’s shocking to have only one certified cardiac doctor in the whole KP province,” the chief justice said.

Gulzar Ahmad then inquired about how 4,615 heart procedures were performed in K-P last year, with only a single certified heart surgeon.

Expressing his anger, the CJP stated that the healthcare CEO should resign from his seat.

The CEO of Punjab Healthcare Commission, who was present at the hearing, notified the apex court that Punjab has only 40 certified cardiologists. To this, the Chief Justice responded that there should be 40 certified doctors in Lahore alone.

Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi said that heart disease has turned into a business and is beyond the control of professional doctors.

Regarding the substandard quality of stents, Dr. Azhar Kiyani stated that the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan didn’t approve the stents certified by the National Interventional Cardiology Board.

“Substandard stents are being administered to patients instead of the NICB approved ones,” Kiyani added.

The court further stated that unregistered and unqualified doctors should not be authorized to perform surgery.

“Any carelessness in this regard will be the responsibility of the concerned healthcare commission,” the court-ordered.

The SC also directed Balochistan and Sindh provincial healthcare commissions to submit their reports regarding stents.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case for an indefinite period.

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  • it is shocking that you have 45000 pending cases and get involved in other peoples business. half the time you are on holiday and the other half you make decisions based on technicalities rather than merit.

  • When is Chief Justice going to reform corrupt and incompetence judiciary and Lawyers? He should have done that first

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