Six-year-old minor raped, murdered in Karachi’s Korangi

Trigger Warning.

TRIGGER WARNING: The horrific incident has been narrated by the victim’s father in a talk to media persons.
Some readers may find the story disturbing and are advised to not continue reading the blog.

The victim’s weeping father whilst being approached by media persons on Wednesday. (Times Of Karachi)

Six-year-old Maham, who went missing from Karachi’s Korangi area on Tuesday night, was found dead in a junkyard on Wednesday morning after being raped.

According to the victim’s father, Maham, who belonged to Ghaus Park area of Korangi No. 5 1/2, was playing outside her house with other children on Tuesday night.

Around 9:30 pm, the usual hourly load-shedding occurred, and the area went dark due to no electricity.

The predators took advantage of this, and poor Maham was kidnapped during this time.

When the hourly load-shedding ended, and the electricity came back to power at around 10:30 pm, Maham’s family went out to look for her.

However, there was no sign of the poor girl.

The family informed the police, who launched an operation, and the whole, long night was spent in vain searching for Maham.

Around 5:45 am on Wednesday morning, Maham’s lifeless body was found in a junkyard nearby.

Maham’s body was then shifted to Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for legal formalities.

According to the Medical Laboratory Observer (MLO), Dr. Samia, and the additional police surgeon at the JPMC, Dr. Summaiya Syed, Maham was raped, sodomized, and then strangled to death.

It was also revealed that Maham tried to free herself whilst the predators were trying to smother her nose and mouth. During this horrific experience, poor Maham also broke her neck.

Moreover, Maham also experienced multiple other injuries to the head and body and private parts.

During the interview with the media persons, Maham’s father pleaded, “I appeal to the government (to take strict action against this). Today, it is my daughter. Tomorrow, it will be someone…” the grieving father, unable to control his sentence, burst into tears after this.

After this, Chhipa charity workers were seen consoling the weeping father as the media persons slowly started moving away.

The video of the victim’s father being approached by the media:

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  • chootiya govt, jab say aai hay bus yehi tabdeeli aai hay behnchod k roz kisi na kisi bachi ka rape aur qatal horaha hay aur yeah haraamzaday kehtay hayn mardo ka kiya kasoor, aurat k kapray theek nhi. Madarchod

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