Jailed For A Facebook Comment?

Pakistan is again suffering the rise of extremism and lack of tolerance due to recent events. The debates have turned aggressive than ever before and it is ringing danger bells again. But these arguments seem to particularly heat up during the month of Rabi ul Awwal and Muharram, where Muslim sects don’t particularly agree on how they should be celebrated. Hence, observance in particular fashion attracts criticism, especially during these two months.

However, this year, what was criticized more was the celebration of 12th Rabi ul Awwal, Eid associated with the birth of Holy Prophet (saww), in a way which could be deemed ‘disrespectful’ by the majority of Muslims as it violates the sanctity of the occasion.

مائیک زولو, a social-media activist and an individual known for raising discussions on controversial issues brought internet community’s attention towards an unfortunate incident, that also depicts the horrifying levels our tolerance levels have fallen to.

He shares that Younis Akram, from Facebook page BOL Wazirabad is behind the bar because of a video he uploaded in which he criticized the way Eid Milad un Nabi was being celebrated by a group of people. Calling it synonymous to a ‘dance party’, Younis maintained that it not only is offensive to majority Muslims but also violates the basic essence of respect with which it must be observed.

However, his comments which clearly only criticized the ‘way’ it was being celebrated, offended an individual who involved police in the matter and said that he is negatively impacting using his platform, leading to Younis in jail. Mike writes that Younis is his Facebook friend with whom he often had arguments as they differed politically and ideologically, but have the utmost respect for. He adds that Younis also has three young kids who are waiting for their father to get free.

In his Facebook post, he urged the social media community to raise voice against it and make an effort for Younis’s safe return to his family.

People also agreed to it and called it unjust.

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