[VIDEO] Meet Jam Safdar, the desi TikToker who rides tigers and defies gravity!

"After watching my six-year-old son making videos, I became interested in TikTok."

A Pakistani TikTok star, Jam Safdar, has become the source of entertainment for many people. He is famous for his incredible video editing skills.

During an exclusive interview, Jam Safdar told The Independent Urdu that he only received primary education and is a farmer by profession.

Speaking about how he became interested in making videos, Safdar said, “After watching my six-year-old son making videos, I became interested in TikTok.”

The TikToker has gained more than seven million followers in a short span of just three months. He said he takes ideas from YouTube and Google and then makes his own videos.

Safdar has spent about one-lakh rupees buying a tripod, a mobile phone with a camera, and a green cloth. After making a video, he edits it in his mobile through the Can Master app or uses a laptop for large files.

In his videos, the entertainer can be seen traveling on planes, trains, buses, and motorbikes. In one of his videos, he is in an air balloon basket. In another video, he became a rocket that later went into the sky.

Safdar told The Independent Urdu, “My relatives call this hobby a waste of time while my wife encourages me.” He added, “I am planning to start my own YouTube channel so that I can earn some money.”

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  • Hilarious woh  nahi jo nangi hui phirti hain? we should encourage this guy, atlease he is not spreading nudity and lacharpan.

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