JI representative climbs on top of Sindh Assembly gate to protest against Minority Protection Bill

According to reports, MPA Syed Abdul Rashid demanded suspension of the assembly proceedings to introduce the bill.

The Jamaat-e-Islami party organized a protest on Tuesday in a bid to stop the Sindh Assembly’s proceedings to pass the Minority Protection Bill. During the protest, Jamaat-e-Islami MPA Syed Abdul Rashid scaled the gate of the Sindh Assembly building.

Speaking to a media outlet in Karachi, the Provincial Minister said:

The resolution was passed by the assembly to introduce the bill to ban conversion to Islam. I was barred from entering the house so I climbed another gate to enter the premises and attended the proceedings.

According to reports, MPA Syed Abdul Rashid demanded suspension of the assembly proceedings to introduce the bill. Claiming that he will protect Islamic ideology and defeat any conspiracy against the religion come what may, the Minister stated:

I will remain undeterred even if the government closes the doors of the house or puts me in jail. I was subjected to prejudicial treatment by the assembly and was not allowed to speak on the day even though I had my turn and agenda set for the Private Member’s Day.

He further said:

I was not allowed to enter so I jumped the door and participated in the assembly proceedings. The attitude of the house was against the norms of democracy.

According to media reports, the Provincial Minister said that denying him entry was against the house rules. He added: 

Sindh Assembly Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani is a seasoned politician but his aides ill-advised him on the matter. It seems that the Sindh government is scared and the speaker’s aides are advising against democratic values. All lawmakers have the right to protest as per the rules of the house.

Concluding the statement, MPA Syed Abdul Rashid said:

The veto power can only be used by the speaker in case of any security threat but the PPP-led provincial government was using it to stop protests. I was elected to represent the people of my constituency and fight for their rights. My party will represent our people and will not allow our voice to be silenced under any circumstances.

While the protest went viral on social media and news channels, a verdict in the matter is nowhere to be seen. Only time will tell how the Sindh Assembly authorities react to the Jamaat-e-Islami protest.

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