Jani Khel sit-in: Anger boils as government blocks roads to stop people from taking their protest to Islamabad

"Four boys aged between 13-17 years were gone on hunting birds about three weeks ago, but they did not return."

Authorities have closed key roads after the Jani Khel residents threatened to take their protest over the violent deaths of four teens to Islamabad.

Angry locals are in negotiations with local authorities to demand higher security and credible investigation into the killings, which are at the center of a weeklong sit-in protest.

Jani Khel

On the 26th of March, the residents said that security forces placed heavy shipping containers on a local bridge, closing it to traffic.

The bridge links Jani Khel to the nearby city of Bannu, a major population center in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The political activist, Muhammad Jibran Nasir, shared the latest updates saying,” Instead of listening to the demands of the protesters, the state has chosen to block roads around the area to stop them from moving out if they choose to take their protest to Islamabad.”

"Today is the 6th day of the #JaniKhelSitIn. Instead of the listening to the demands of the protesters, the state has…

Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir on Friday, March 26, 2021

Jani Khel incident

The residents of the Jani khel area of Bannu on Monday placed the bodies of boys in front of the local police station to protest their brutal killing.

Locals had recovered the teenagers’ bullet-riddled bodies from a field the other day and shifted them to the district headquarters hospital. The deceased had been missing for the last three weeks.

Jani Khel

“Four boys aged between 13-17 years were gone on hunting birds nearly three weeks ago, but they did not return to their homes.”

The victims’ relatives had launched a search for them but failed to find their whereabouts.

On Sunday, a shepherd was grazing cattle when his dogs started scratching a field with their paws. He became suspicious and informed the locals, including the missing boys’ relatives, who later dug out the bodies.

The victims were identified as Mohammad Rahim, Ahmadullah, Razamullah, and Atifullah.

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