Japan Opens Its Marketplace For Talented Pakistani youth

In this regard, a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) already signed between both sides would open new avenues for Pakistanis to work in 14 various Japanese sectors.

The Japanese Embassy’s Chargé d’affaires Yusuke Shindo.

The Japanese government has offered the Pakistani youth an opportunity to utilize their skills and benefit from the employment vacancies provided by the various sectors of the Japanese economy.

“Japan wants to give Pakistan’s talented youth a chance to get themselves connected with the modern and innovating Japanese industrial sector to enhance their skills to promote the concept of shared development and prosperity,” the Japanese Embassy’s Chargé d’affaires Yusuke Shindo told the Associated Press of Pakistan on Sunday.

Tokyo, Japan. (Oleksiy Maksymenko)

Yusuke said that Pakistan was a country with a mostly young population that could connect with the global value chain for attaining the economic and trade competitiveness of the international market by exploiting work opportunities in Japan.

He said that Pakistan could get a considerable share in the Japanese market as the East Asian country intends to import 3,45,000 skilled workforce from 10 countries worldwide.

In this regard, a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) already signed between both sides would open new avenues for Pakistanis to work in 14 various Japanese sectors.

Pakistani Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.

Yusuke said that there was no particular quota for any of these ten countries worldwide and hoped that Pakistani would get the greatest benefits from this opportunity to break into the Japanese market.

Likewise, Yusuke said the Pakistani government had nominated two recruitment organizations, including the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) and the National University of Technology (NUTEC), for carrying out the service, including the recruitment of candidates in collaboration with Japanese counterparts.

Yusuke expressed his reservation on the delays in the workforce import from Pakistan and pressed the need for increasing the recruitment organization to manage a fast-track process and help maximum employment opportunities to the local youth.

He also highlighted that the Japanese embassy in Islamabad had not hired any other facilitator or promoter for continuing the process of labor import from Pakistan.

Moreover, Yusuke explained that the candidates should have gone through a Japanese language test before their final recruitment selection.

The test would be conducted at the Islamabad National University of Modern Languages (NUML).

Categories part of the import plan include technical interns, specified skilled workers, and highly qualified professionals. Each class covers a variety of fields.

The status of residence is authorized for foreigners with higher expertise, such as an academic background or career history based on a contract with a public and private entity in Japan.

Tokyo, the world’s largest city, is filled with opportunities for Pakistanis.

The Japanese official concluded by saying that Japan desires a modernized, economically developed, and robust Pakistan.

The country must follow a policy of export-led growth through industrial and technological development to achieve this goal.

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    • 14 sectors: including nursing, building clinic, agriculture, fisheries, hotel management, food and beverages, aircraft maintenance and airports ground handling staff, shipbuilding, material processing, industrial machinery, constructions, car mechanics, electronics, and electronic machinery.

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