Japan to provide Pakistan grant to fight the coronavirus

The secretary also said that both countries share common views on most of the regional and international economic issues.

  • Japan is willing to give Pakistan a substantial amount of aid to fight the coronavirus.


Japan is set to give Pakistan a grant of Rs. 1.54 billion to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The flags of Japan and Pakistan.

An agreement to this effect was signed in the federal capital on Tuesday.

The Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan, Kuninori Matsuda, and the Secretary of Economic Affairs, Noor Ahmed, were present at the signing ceremony.

The grant will be beneficial for the purchase of health-related equipment, particularly ventilators and oxygen cylinders.

Speaking on occasion, the Secretary of Economic Affairs expressed that Pakistan values bilateral and friendly relations with Japan.

The secretary also said that both countries share common views on most of the regional and international economic issues.

Pakistan-Japan Friendship Festival in Tokyo till 14th of Aug

He said that Japanese economic assistance has played and shall continue to play a vital role in the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan.

“Japan is still insisting on complete eradication till the zero polio patients are reported,” he added.

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The secretary also appreciated Japan’s assistance to build an intensive care unit and maternal and child health facilities at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad, worth JPY 3.62 billion (around PKR 5.62 billion).

He added that Japan had extended similar grant assistance for Hyderabad.

Moreover, he highlighted that grant assistance in the form of medical equipment during the pandemic (Covid-19) is timely.

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“Pakistan is going through a second wave of the pandemic, and the number of patients is higher, hence overburdening the health systems in Pakistan.”

“This grant will supplement the health facilities of the hospitals so the risk to health workers and doctors shall be minimized,” he added.

The Japanese ambassador said that Japan would continue extending cooperation with Pakistan for its socio-economic development.

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  • A country of 220+ million people, independent for more than 70 years and still need grants from other countries to provide healthcare to its own people ….. pathetic state of affairs.

    • 220 Million should be enough for your answer but you wont get. It is extremely hard for a developing country with such big population where 220+ million people of of whom only 30,000 people pay 70% of the tax.
      First you guys don’t give tax, then cry like a baby that the government is bad.
      If everyone in Pakistan starts giving their fair share, then surely our way of living will get better, we wont need loans with will easily pay the previous loans. Build infrastructure etc.
      But no you all want everything from the government without paying a single cent.

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