Japan to import manpower from Pakistan in 14 different sectors

The participants would have to pass a Japanese language test in July 2020.

The Japanese government has begun the process of importing manpower from Pakistan in 14 different sectors. The aim of this initiative is to provide employment opportunities for the Pakistani labor force.

Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Pakistan Yusuke Shindo shared the strategy and action plan with the media. He said that Pakistanis are allowed to submit their application, along with their particulars by 27th April 2020 for recruitment in relevant sectors.

The participants would have to pass a Japanese language test in July 2020 before they are recruited. The test would take place at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad.

Shindo added that three different categories were part of the plan, including Technical Intern, Specified Skilled Workers and skilled professional.

He added that the Government of Pakistan had selected the National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) and the National University of Technology (NUTEC) to carry out the entire process in collaboration with Japanese counterparts.

The diplomat emphasized that the Japanese Embassy in Islamabad had not hired anyone for facilitation for continuing the process of labor import other than the two institutions mentioned above.

The recruitment process to continue for the next five years:

The recruitment process would continue every year for the next five years according to the MoU signed by the two countries.

Shindo hoped that Pakistan would get the maximum benefit from the opportunity. While talking about the skill and language proficiency for all three categories, he said that for the program, both sides signed the MoU last year in December. Under this agreement, foreign nationals have to prove their skillset and language proficiency by appropriate measures, such as passing skills and language tests.

At the moment, two fields, Construction Industry, Shipping, and ship machinery industry were open for application. Under the MoU, new avenues will open for Pakistanis to work in. In the current scenario, Japan is facing a shortage of labor force.

“We need to import skilled laborers from 10 countries including Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other Association of South East Asian Nations (ASAIN)’’, Shindo said.

While answering a query, the ambassador said that Pakistan and Japan are looking to increase bilateral cooperation in agricultural-based industry and value addition. Japan has also announced aid to enhance productivity in relevant agricultural fields.

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  • I’m interested work in japan and a good opportunity for all of us but the japani language is mandatory?

  • This is good opportunity for Pakistani people.They should not miss it.I know Japanese language and I will take benefit from this opportunity.l am specially thankful to Japanese government and ambassador in Islamabad.

  • is your country import the skilled labors force from Pakistan
    please provide me the details as we are a old recuriting agency in
    pakistan my email address is amsallied@hotmail.com please reply we will be more than happy to provide all thedetails of the candidates

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