Twitter Feud: Jasmeen Manzoor vs Mehwish Hayat over Uzma Khan controversy

Isn’t this your job ? Why are you and the entire fraternity of yours silent ?- Jasmeen Manzoor

Mehwish Hayat, the leading Pakistani actress and goodwill ambassador for girls, has always been credited for fearlessly speaking when it comes to enforcing women’s rights.

Surprisingly, there was no response from the ambassador on the latest Uzma khan controversy until the famous journalist Jasmeen Manzoor called out Mehwish and questioned her silence on the issue.

The journalist tagged the actress in her tweet and expressed her disappointment, saying, “Isn’t this your job? Why are you and the entire fraternity of yours silent? You should be there getting an FIR registered for the Abuse.”

In response to Jasmeen’s tweet, Mehwish replied, “Thank you for “reminding,” me what my job is. I have always supported my fraternity, and my record on fighting for causes is well documented. Perhaps you would be better to take the media houses and news channels to ask who have failed to cover the story, how about they do their job.”

While expressing her narrative on the Uzma Khan controversy, Mehwish said, “Let’s differentiate between a moral issue and a legal issue. Two wrongs cannot make one right. The right to security at your home is a basic human right enshrined in law. This is a real test for the authorities, who need to prove to us that no one is above the law.”

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  • completely with Jasmeen Manzoor

    all of these actresses and anchors kept quite until platfrom like siasat exposed them.

    salute to you guys.

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