Javaid Sheikh Tries To Kiss Mahira To Congratulate Her On Her Award And Her Rejection Sets Social Media On Fire

The much-awaited Lux Style Awards finally took place last night and were nothing short of what was expected of them. We got to see our most favourite celebrities acing the stage while the great number of voters who participated and gave their input shows that this really was a great year for Pakistani media industry.

We saw our favourite stars gracing the stage, looking their absolute best and receiving their well-deserved awards. Though the entire event is absolutely worth talking about, one incident that took place yesterday has created a social media frenzy. The heartthrob Mahira Khan received her award and was fortunate enough to get it from the hands of the legend Javed Sheikh himself, but Javed Sahab messed up a little as he tried to kiss Mahira on the cheek as a congratulatory gesture.

Although this is quite a common sight in award shows, but what really has the social media gagging is Mahira’s response to this gesture.
She completely rejected and ignored Mr Javaid Sheikh and turned her face away. Wow, Mahira! That was brutal.

If you don’t believe us here is the video clip of the moment:

Now, this was sure to get a reaction, wasn’t it? The video clip went viral in no time and people had a lot to say about it. A LOT.
Here are some of the comments from the online community:

Javed Sheikh remains unresponsive in the entire situation while Mahira did come up with a public statement and cleared the air.

Here is what Mahira had to say:

Mahira still didn’t clarify if her gesture was intentional or she mistakenly did it but her comments really helped neutralise the situation to an extent.

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