Jemima Calls Imran Khan ‘Yahoodi Sazish’ And Reaction Shows Pakistan Is Still Obsessed With Her

Jemima Khan is truly Pakistan’s sweetheart. The relationship she shares with her ex-husband Imran Khan is not only unconventionally respectful but they still share a bond stronger than best friends. The most adorable aspect of it is that she is never reluctant to share her appreciation and gratitude with her ex-husband. She is always one of the people who are there to support Imran Khan in time of adversities.

She always talks fondly of Pakistan, calling it an ‘old’ friend, which shows the bond and affiliation she shares with this land. Not just her, the people of Pakistan still hold immense love and respect for her in their hearts, and they never let go of a chance to show it.

On Khan’s birthday, Jemima called Imran Khan a Zionist Conspiracy (Yahoodi Saazish) and literally people are loving it. It received an overwhelming response and people loved the retort, returning it an amusing way.

As the remark was made as a reply to Khan being called as the ”next prime minister”, people found it a perfect chance to shower their sarcastic and hilarious comments.
And few showed that they still love her and are apologetic as the Pakistani nation couldn’t give her the treatment she deserved.

People called her a great lady, that indeed she is!

The immense reaction, support, and appreciation she deserves on her little acts show how obsessed we still are with Jemima. Even after years, she seems to be one of the personalities that Pakistan will not forget. Will we ever be able to get over her? Not really. Not anytime soon. She is absolutely adorable!

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