Jemima Finally Talked About Remarrying Imran Khan In Her Tweet And People Got Too Excited

Pakistani’s pick up on trends quite frequently but there are a few of them that they cant simply seem to get over, ever. One of them is Pakistan’s forever favorite, Miss Jemima. Everything she says and does or says is treated with respect and affection. Just like people look up to Imran Khan, they ship Jemima-Khan together and honestly, nothing can stop them.

Jemima took to Twitter and had hilarious remarks about it as well. She also noticed that no matter what she posts, people always ask her if she will remarry Imran Khan. She responded to a Pakistani’s tweet asking if she will remarry Khan if he gives her a chance.

Well as said, there is nothing that can stop us. Even on this, her tweet was flooded with replies asking the same question. She will just have to bear with us as we, in no point in near future, seem to get over our obsession with them.

See what people had to say to her:

We have a justification for it as well:

And some threw clues that she was being asked the question:

But the question still remains there, that yet needs to be clearly answered:

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