Jemima Goldsmith Deletes Her ‘Magical’ Tweet, Here’s Why

Jemima Goldsmith has deleted her hilarious tweet about herself, PM Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi after receiving mixed response from the social media users.

PM Khan’s ex-wife made headlines when she tweeted a Lollywood poster having a funny caption about her, PM Khan and the first lady. Jemima Goldsmith deleted the tweet today from her Twitter profile.

Following her tweet, ‘Jemima’ became the top trend on Pakistani Twitter.

Some Twitter users did feel that Jemima Goldsmith’s tweet was a bit disrespectful to Bushra Bibi.

Jemima Goldsmith

Jemima Goldsmith belongs from a well-respected family of UK. She got married to Imran Khan in 1995 but got divorced 9 years later after their marriage in 2004.

MS Jemima currently lives with her two sons, Qasim and Suleman, in UK. She still enjoys a good relationship with PM Imran Khan despite being separated long ago.


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  • The theory of the multiverse says there are infinite parallel worlds containing every possible situation. It makes me happy because I know, somewhere, Jemima is the current first lady of Pakistan, as wife of PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan!

  • Jemima has maintained her dignity and respect as the former wife of Imran Khan and mother of his 2 sons, unlike the filth spewing Reham Khan.

  • Yes, may be true, but not in divorcing PMIK, and underestimating his popularity, world wide, in making fun of his personal life. PMIK is not loved bcs of Jamima, perhaps she forgot. And she got her answer.

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