Someone asked Jemima if she is a Muslim or Jew and she had quite an interesting answer to it!

Pakistanis cannot seem to get over Jemima anytime soon!

Pakistanis pick up on trends quite frequently but there are a few of them that they cant simply seem to get over, ever. One of them is Pakistan’s forever favorite, Miss Jemima. Everything she says and does or says is treated with respect and affection. Just like people look up to Imran Khan, they ship Jemima-Khan together and honestly, nothing can stop them.

Pakistani political sphere has seen many strong women who have depicted commendable strength and determination, winning the hearts of people and casting a lasting expression. When we talk about these influential women, there is no way we can skip Jemima’s name.

Imran Khan’s ex-wife has always been a sweetheart for Pakistanis and they never let go of a chance to shower her with love and appreciation. Even when both parted their ways, the followers still shipped them and viewed her as a woman of substance. The respect and gratitude that they have for her is perhaps the reason why their excitement was through the roof.

With gratitude, she has also always been a figure that garnered a lot of curiosity. And it does not seem to die down – even after so many years! Recently Jemima was asked, again, if she was a Jew or a Muslim, to which she had quite an amusing response.

This is what people had to say about this ‘interesting’ question:



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  • What u narrow minded Muslims mean to torture Jemima Khan, a real human being worthy of paradise!
    Study the Holy Quraan. Aayet 62.
    She will be in jannet as per verse I mentioned above.
    She does not like, works for human being and not munafiq, as most Muslims pose.

  • That Jemima is a sterling human being there can be no doubt about absolutely. She is also a devoted mother. I think owing to her devotion to her children she has not re-married. God bless her.

  • I wonder what’s the big secret in all this? Why cant she say it directly`? This is, after all, fairly normal question. She does not say she is Muslim, so I take it that she no longer belongs to “umma”. I guess she went back to either Episcopalian (Christian) or Jew.

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