Jeremy McLellan is Doing What He Does Best: Roasting The Indians

Following Jeremy McLellan's tweet, the comedian received hundreds of angry messages from Indians.


We all know American comedian Jeremy McLellan absolutely loves Pakistan. The comedian is yet again bowling over Pakistani Twitter by taking digs at the downed Indian pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman.

A couple of days ago, Jeremy McLellan tweeted a hilariously edited picture of him and the Indian pilot having the famous cup of tea. The American Comedian captioned the picture with, ” Stay Home, Stay Safe.”

While Pakistani Twitteratis laughed their lungs out, people on the other side of the border weren’t happy at all. Following Jeremy McLellan’s tweet, the comedian received hundreds of angry messages from Indians.

Probably, the star comedian enjoyed trolling the Indians more than us as he took another dig at them in another tweet.

Despite expressing his ‘love’ for India, the comedian still didn’t get any of it back.

“Because of your angry messages I would like to announce that I am now pro-India and anti-Pakistan. Apparently, India has more people/money and is ruled by my wise and powerful step-dad Modi. They also invented space ships 7,000 years ago. Excited for my upcoming comedy tour,” he tweeted.

He went on to share screenshots of messages he received from the Indian.


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