Ayesha Gulalai Couldn’t Digest Jeremy McLellan’s Halloween Joke, Jeremy Responds As He Takes A Dig At Sharmeen Obaid

Jeremy McLellan is Pakistan’s favorite comedian for all the right reasons. People of Pakistan have shown him so much acknowledgment and appreciation and he has always returned it with the equal amount of gratitude.

He always comes up with witty comments on the political atmosphere and current events of the country which are enjoyed by everyone. However, his recent tweet offended few people.
He tweeted about hanging Pakistani flag at his house on Halloween to ‘scare’  his neighbors.

While people shared a laugh at it, Ayesha Gulalai reached out to Jeremy asking him to take his tweet down as it is offensive for Pakistanis who hold their flag sacred.

Jeremy posted a screenshot of her message and said that she wants him to take the joke down and said sorry.
He then said that he would like to send her a request but it is considered harassment in Pakistan. Any clues of what he is referring to here? *winks*

People overwhelmingly replied to him supporting him and saying that they understand the humor and responded with even more savage replies!



Well, some also did too! People also asked him to take the tweet down as it might trigger people’s sentiments.

Someone also found it a perfect opportunity to relate back to India vs Pakistan cricket derby. Of course, can this reference ever get boring? We don’t think so!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments bar below.

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