Jeweler arrested for harassing the women in his shop


Photo of the accused who was arrested for allegedly beating the women inside a jewelry shop at Allahabad Police Station.

A jeweler in a jewelry shop in Kasoor city was found beating the women. The women can be seen in the video requesting him and denying the allegations of theft but the jewelry shopkeeper didn’t pay any heed to them. He first asked them to give back the stolen jewelry and then slapped them ruthlessly several times on their faces. He, however, didn’t stop and took his shoe to beat them even harder.

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No matter whether these women had stolen the jewelry or not, the owner of the shop was in no authority to disrespect them publicly. The men in the video physically, verbally, and emotionally abused the women on the basis of mere allegations.–0JGgI

An FIR had been lodged for harassing and beating the women on the basis of the video clip. The first information report has mentioned that the accused namely Zafar Hussain son of Sadiq Hussain Rajpoot had harassed the women, forced them to be inside the shop and showed utter disregard to the victims. This act of accused is in violation of article 354, 342 and 509, the FIR further read. The complaint has been registered in Allahabad Police Station of Kasoor District. The copy of FIR is attached herewith.

Copy of First Information Report against the jeweler who illegally harassed and beaten the women inside the shop.

This is not the first incident of women harassment in the country. Earlier, a lawyer had beaten the women outside Faisalabad Session Court forcing her to withdraw the charges of rape against his client. The woman had filed the charges of the rape case against the suspect to whom the lawyer was defending inside the court. Despite many laws being passed to protect the women and her honor, there is a little awareness of them among the general public. The women in Pakistan don’t fit well to the male dominant culture especially with the poor socio-economic background.


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