Jibran Nasir Shames Maryam Nawaz For Tweeting About Enjoying “Lavish Tea” While A Woman Gave Birth On Road

An incident that took place yesterday in Raiwind has left us all shocked and has opened avenues of discussions on so many levels. Where giving birth is considered to be the most physically and emotionally draining process for a woman, she has her life risked at that one point. Regardless to say, in this sensitive time, medical staff needs to be fully prepared. But what are they going to prepare for if they aren’t even available there in the first place?

In Raiwind, a couple went to THQ (Tehsil Headquarters Hospital) when the time of the delivery was near. The hospital told them that there was no staff present to cater this case of emergency. The woman gave birth on the roadside as they had no time to rush to another hospital, that caused immense outrage in general masses.

When on one hand a common man was struggling to avail the basic necessity of life, niece of CM Punjab, Maryam Nawaz was busy enjoying “lavish tea” with her uncle.
Jibran Nasir, an activist, replied to her tweet thanking her for informing us with her experience of having a lavish tea when a woman was left with no choice than to give birth outside THQ, which could’ve even led to her losing her life.

People responded to his statement supportively, which showed that he had vocalized the sentiments of every Pakistani after yesterday’s incident.

Before that, Hamza Ali Abbasi also rightly pointed out the difference between how a local person and the one with the power in hand is treated.


What is more disappointing is that no one even felt the need to make a public statement about the issue. The entire incident reflects how insensitive the stakeholders are to the problems of the people who vote for them and build their way to the government offices.

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