Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center names PM Khan as ‘Man of the year’

Imran Khan desiring peace with India earned him the title.



Jordan’s Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Cente has named Prime Minister Imran Khan as in their recent ‘Man of the year’ list. The list talks about the most persuasive Muslim leaders and notables in the world.

The report has been revealed one day after PM Khan was declared the sixth-most popular leader on Twitter after his following increased significantly hitting a figure of 10.5 million. The center which launched the mentioned report is an autonomous research entity with the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan.

“If The Muslim 500 was in print back in 1992 and I was the Chief Editor then, I would have nominated Imran Khan as our Muslim Man of the Year because of his brilliant performance in cricket, which culminated in Pakistan winning the 1992 Cricket World Cup — a sport I have always admired for its combination of elegance and intense competitive play,” said S Abdallah Schleifer, professor of journalism at the American University in Cairo.

Abdallah Schleifer added that PM Khan needs to be credited for his efforts towards regional peace, as he talked about improving relationships with India through trade and mutual ties after taking office in August 2018.

Imran Khan desiring peace with India earned him the title:

Khan’s popularity increased massively in the Muslim world following his recent UNGA speech. In his address to the United Nations General Assembly, Khan spoke about Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination and condemned India’s brutality in the region.

Abdallah Schleifer clarified that Khan’s image as a cricketer did not earn him the title, but his committed efforts towards improving relations with India did.

“This is Imran Khan’s great dilemma—how do you make a much desired lasting peace with a nation governed by those who have neither interest nor need to make a lasting peace with Pakistan, and against whom any form of war would be hopeless. The answer it would seem that Khan’s efforts must now focus on mobilizing global opinion, to turn an R.S.S.- led India a global pariah”.

He added that Khan’s fund-raising campaign and turning Shaukat Khanum into a reality.

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