Journalist claims Saudi Arabia is desperate to improve ties but Pakistan has ‘moved on’ [VIDEO]

Pakistan recently returned $1 billion to Saudi Arabia as the second installment of a $3 billion soft loan.


    PM Imran Khan, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Qasim, and Army Chief Gen Qamar Javaid Bajwa.

The famous Pakistani anchor and journalist, Usama Ghazi, has claimed that Saudi Arabia is desperate to improve ties with Pakistan. It needs to get closer to the new Biden administration in the United States, but it seems that Pakistan’s military and civil leadership have moved on.

Pakistan recently returned $1 billion to Saudi Arabia as the second installment of a $3 billion soft loan. The country reached out to China for a commercial loan to set off pressure to return the last $1 billion in January.

Usama Ghazi said in a Youtube video, “Now that Pakistan will no longer be under Saudi pressure, the Kingdom will be fearing missing out on a lot under the new US government.

He added, “Saudi Arabia has been trying to improve ties with Pakistan that suffered blows over the past few months due to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s closeness with the former US President, Donald Trump.”

The anchor also claimed that a new world would be formed with Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey, and even Iran, if Biden removes Trump-imposed sanctions.

Emphasizing that the Pakistani leadership is no longer under any burden, Ghazi said, “Saudi Arabia has been regretting not outrightly supporting Pakistan on the Kashmir issue against India and seeking back the loan, but now the ball is in Pakistan’s court.”

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  • Hope Pakistan has moved on. I think we’re much bigger and stronger country to be twisted for $3bn. But I don’t trust this Usama ghazi, twats like him all over internet to get more views.

    • Regardless wt usama says we are carrying our business in an honorable way time is changing billions of dollars will means nothing

  • 30 million workforce resides in ME. If ME countries kick them all out then balls move back to Saudis court. Better to improve economy first so no surprise shocks.

  • سعودی عرب اور چند دوسرے عرب ممالک جن میں یو اے ای اور کویت شامل ہیں ہمیشہ پاکستان کی حکومتوں کو اپنا غلام سمجھا ھے یہ پہلی حکومت ھے جس نے ان عرب ممالک کی غلامی کی زنجیروں کو توڑا ھے اور ایک آزاد خارجہ پالیسی کے تحت چل رہا ھے سعودی عرب اور دوسرے عرب ممالک کو پاکستان کے ساتھ چلنے کے لئے پاکستان کی حکمت عملی کے مطابق چلنا ہوگا اور عرب ممالک جتنی جلد یہ بات سمجھ جائیں تو بہتر ھے

  • Un called demand from saudi arabia to return their 3 billion dollars and pakistan’s prompt response of returning it has shown it’s intent of becoming independent and not knealing down for few bread crumbs. PMIK’s bold decision making has solidified pakistan’s position as an emerging leader of islamic countries.

  • BS. Now mainstream journalists are using the shock and awe tactics of online fake media peddlers to sell their crap.
    Pak and Saudi may have had differences, but the mutual relationship cannot go down. And I dnt think Saudi needs Pakistan to be a part of their relationship with US. They have a direct relationship

  • Pakistan ki ye majaal ! Kya bhongiyaan maar raha hayyd usama . Nowadays plenty of these third class farters on youtube talking shit daily.KSA can spend daily a billion dollors daily for 100 years and they can buy any support in the world . Why the hell they would seek support from beggars like us.

  • At the heart of our problems is Saudi. Look at their support for the crooked Sharifs. We need to have good relationship with them but it cant be master servant.

  • Saudi’s are nothing compared to Pakistan.
    Only Nawaz Thug gave them Importance to coverup his corruption.
    Even Moodi is nothing he never barked after Abhigandan Drama
    Only Nwaz gave Moodi space to coverup his corrupt *****

  • These irresponsible journalist should keep shut their close. She journalist/youtubers says anything for few cheap views and likes. Pakistan and Saudia historical close ties and it will remain same. There are ups and downs, but 2 nations will remain close.

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