Journalist Shiffa Yousafzai Explains How She Was Harassed By JUI-F Supporters in Azadi March

One of the many reasons Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman’s Azadi March is being criticized for is the lack of women participation. Not just that even women reporters aren’t even allowed to do their jobs.

One of them is HUM News journalist, Shiffa Yousafzai. According to Shiffa Yousafzai, Jamiat ulema Islam supporters didn’t let her cover the protest as they chanted slogans against her.

In a series of tweets, Shiffa Yousafzai explains how she was being stared upon at “some kind of alien”. The Subah Say Agay host further explains that she along with her co-host, Owais Mangalwala, had just started recording for their show when the JUI-F supporters raised slogans against them.

According to one of her tweets, as they started their show a man came up and asked her to leave because women aren’t allowed. That does not stop here, she added that the protestors kept coming at them eventually forcing them to leave.

Shiffa Yousafzai also expressed her disappointment at how the protestors actions were different than the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w). She also uploaded a video where she explains of how it all happened.

Watch the Video Here

Here’s What Shiffa Yousafzai Tweeted

Jamiat Ulema Islam Announcement Following The Incident With Shiffa Yousafzai.

After the incident with Shiffa Yousafzai, Jamiat ulema Islam announced that no women is banned from participation in Azadi dharna. He also announced that no female reporter should be stopped from coverage.


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