Why Journalists are conveniently failing to differentiate between a convict and accused?


  • Journalist Naseem Zahra conveniently forgets that Maryam Nawaz is a convict. 
  • While journalists continue to distort information as per their political affiliations, who should be considered as a credible source?
  • She was corrected for her ‘mistake’ on Twitter. 

These are the things and moments which really makes you wonder if these so-called “top journalists” are either getting instructions from somewhere to manipulate narratives or they are genuinely incompetent to be acknowledged as seasoned journalists.

We all know that fake news is a global epidemic these days but the problem in Pakistan is, it is stemming from mainstream media’s major sources unlike West where digital media is being used as a nursery for fake news” (read more here)

Take this classic example, A ‘seasoned journalist’ Naseem Zehra first advocated that PEMRA should allow Maryam Nawaz’s speech on TV. When a twitter user pointed it out to her that Maryam is a Convicted Person & nowhere in the world a convicted is allowed to address press talks & Jalsas.

On this, the legendary, Nasim Zehra, either out of her loyalty for Maryam Nawaz or sheer lack of knowledge, claimed, that Maryam Nawaz is UNDER TRIAL. Nasim Sahiba said unless Maryam’s Appeal is in the High Court she is only an accused.

Even someone with zero knowledge of the law can tell that this is not the case. Maryam Nawaz has been convicted and her appeal just means that she claims that she is innocent, which every criminal in the world does. This “appeal in waiting” doesn’t make Maryam an accused but she is still a convict.

Such basic difference needed to be pointed out to her because she conveniently forgot about it in her blind political affiliations the basic difference between a convict and accused. A professional, that too of her stature and experience, should be unbiased at least in reporting facts. Or else, soon, people will lose all their faith in them and would refuse to recognize them as a source of credible or authentic information.

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