See how the journalists view Maryam Nawaz’s press conference

In her press conference, Maryam said that there were no evidences against Nawaz Sharif and everyone knows this is not accountability but victimization.


  • Maryam Nawaz’s press conference has given an interesting turn to Pakistan’s political atmosphere.
  • She provided some ‘solid evidence’ that Nawaz was victimized by the courts in fake corruption cases.
  • In the released video clip,  Arshad Malik is saying that there was “no proof of corruption against the deposed premier” in Al-Aziza reference.
  • Media community reacts.


Maryam Nawaz’s press conference has heated up Pakistan’s political sphere once again. Presenting video evidence, PMLN VP said that cases against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif were a conspiracy and the verdict was decided even before the trial.

Maryam was addressing a press conference in Lahore, called by PMLN president Shehbaz Sharif and senior leadership to share some evidence in favor of Nawaz Sharif. She presented a video clip allegedly recorded by PMLN worker Nasir Butt.

According to the video, judge Arshad Malik, who heard Al-Aziza and Flagship cases, pointed flaws in Nawaz Sharif’s trial and was blackmailed into giving the decision against him. Voicing her concerns, she said that it was clear that the case was more of victimization than accountability.

”The judge even said that there was no evidence that a single penny has been shifted from Pakistan or that Hussain (Nawaz) embezzled money in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, she said. All three cases were from one pipeline but were treated differently,” Maryam said.

She said that she doesn’t care if she has to suffer personally but she will stand for Nawaz Sharif and will not let him end up like Egyptian President Morsi. Drawing a parallel between Nawaz and Bhutto – ”who was hanged by the military dictator Ziaul Haq on trumped-up charges”.

Maryam concluded saying she has spoken the truth and after this, her life is in danger as well but she is fighting for the right of all the prime ministers who have been treated the same way.

Judge Arshad Malik, however, has denied the claims, terming them a personal attack. The journalists’ community, however, demands a Suo Moto notice by the Supreme Court and a thorough probe into the case to restore judiciary’s image.

Journalists react:

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