Judge Caprio hosting a Pakistani student at his house will warm your heart [Video]

Judge Caprio

Often referred to as “the nicest judge in the world,” Frank Caprio has won millions of hearts around the globe thanks to his top-rated show “Caught in Providence.” It was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy last year.

The 85-year-old is known for his straightforwardness, compassion, and humour. His show, “Caught in Providence”, has been watched by nearly two billion people across the globe.

Recently, a Pakistani student Ahmad Salman appeared in Judge Caprio’s court, who had received three parking tickets. During the hearing, the Pakistani student admit to being guilty. Regarding the parking tickets, he said that he got these during the snow days.

Ahmad Salman, trying to butter up the Judge, tells him about the admiration Pakistanis have for him and how much his videos are being loved there. When the Pakistani student was asked if he has any family, he replies in negative.

However, Ahmad does tell the compassionate judge that he considers him his family. Frank Caprio was touched by the student’s words and he wished that may Salman raise his own family in America.

Later, the 85-year-old judge invited the Pakistani student for dinner at his place. Ahmad Salman made sure Judge Caprio tasted the Pakistani food and took chicken tikka with him to his place.

A week later, Salman was once again invited by the judge to his house. And this time, he made sure the Pakistani student tasted something he had never done before, lobster.

You can watch the complete video here:

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