Judge For a Day – Session Judge Fulfills The Wish Of A 10 Years Old

Dreams and ambitions do come true – if not always, but for Mudassir they did. The young ambitious kid was allowed to join the court proceedings as a co-session judge to fulfil his unique wish of being a judge for a day.

Mudassir is a student of the fourth grade but unlike any ordinary fourth grader, his goals in life and determination to get them has already started to show up his personality. The aspiring kid wants to influence the country’s judicial system and wanted to get a first-hand experience of it by being a judge for a day. He expressed his unique desire to the District and Session Judge Lahore, Khalid Nawaz. First, Mudassir worked out a way to contact the judge and talk to him and then requested him to let him co-judge a couple of cases.

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The young boy came to the court, along with his divorced mother for a scheduled meeting with his father. The Session Judge, impressed by the kid’s ambitions requested the staff to arrange an extra chair for him and allowed him to co-judge and watch the court’s proceedings. Not only did he allow him to experience it firsthand, but he also briefed and taught the kid about usual court procedures and consulted him on different cases.

Mudassir shared his joy regarding the overwhelming experience. Not only is it a dream come true for the young kid, but the way Session Judge Khalid Nawaz briefed him regarding different aspects of court hearings, it is likely to have a long term effect on the kid’s personality traits as well as academic career. This must be kept in consideration that it is the first time in history that a kid was allowed to co-judge in a session court.

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