Juggan Kazim reveals her weight loss journey after giving birth to her third child

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Morning show host and actress Juggan Kazim recently opened up about her weight loss journey after she gave birth to her third child, a baby girl.

The actress shared her routine and diet in a YouTube video and admitted she worked hard to lose 88 kg she gained during her pregnancy.

Juggan started off by saying, “Because I am feeding, I am following the 16-8 formula, which means I fast for sixteen hours and eat in the eight-hour window. I consume my first meal at 10 am and last meal around 6 pm.”

“If guests need to come over, then I shift my time forward. I try that I eat by 2 pm so that I can consume my last meal at 10 pm when dinner is served.”

In the video, Juggan even discussed the importance of having a healthy breakfast. She said, “If I get hungry again, I then have fruit salad — oranges, apples, or guava so that my fruit intake is balanced, and when lunch is served, I don’t go all out on it.”

“For lunch, I usually have a small cup of boiled brown rice — but basically, I’ll have any gravy at all. Whatever gravy is at home, I have that with its meat with a vegetable salad (iceberg, tomato, lemon, capsicum, black pepper, and salt) or lentils — or put in yogurt, and it tastes super yummy. Sometimes I have a bowl of soup,” but “I try to make my last meal high-protein.”

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