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Juggun Kazim disagrees with Mubashir Luqman, says no woman can leak her private photos ‘herself’

Celebrities in such videos and photographs often leak such material out of their own will, and they should accept the consequences.- Mubasshar Luqman


Recently,in a YouTube video, famous actress Juggun Kazim, and Senior Journalist Mubasshar Luqman, discussed the wave of compromising photos and videos leaks of many celebrities.

Luqman said that celebrities in such videos and photographs often leak such material out of their own will, and they should accept the consequences.

Not a Smart Move

In response, Kazim said that in today’s era of social media, when anything could go viral, perhaps taking certain kinds of photos is not a smart move.

The actress also stressed that how the people responsible for leaking and sharing such content are never named and shamed.

Shameless Person who Breaches Trust

Kazim further stated, “The strangest thing is that if anyone willfully sends a video to someone surely, there must be a close relationship between the two. But no one ever talks about the shameless person who breaches the trust.”

Later on, in a discussion of whether celebrities leak such content to revive their career, Juggun Kazim said a woman could never think of doing something like that.

The actress further claimed that such a move doesn’t even make business sense for a celebrity. She points out famous brands that are the primary source of income for celebrities would never collaborate with someone who is involved in such a controversy.

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  • This is a topic to be discussed among the highly qualified ppl and here we have Jugan Kazim having senseless discussion. What a stupid waste of time

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