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Jumping 8 points in Happiness Index, Pakistan becomes the happiest country in South Asia

10 Happiest Countries – World Happiness Index

Pakistan has improved 8 points in the World’s Happiness Index, being among 20 gainers according to the recent list. Being ranked at 67th place according to the recent rankings, last year the country stood at 75th position.

What is World’s Happiness Index?
The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network brings forth the popular World Happiness Report. It ranks 156 countries based on six indicators: income per capita, life expectancy, social support, freedom, generosity and corruption.

The improvement in Pakistan’s ranking shows that the country has shown significant improvements on the said indicators. With this, Pakistan is also the happiest country in entire South Asia, ranking better than its neighbours. It is consistently been ranked happier than China, Iran, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh.

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Again, this year, Pakistan was ranked happiest than all its neighbours.  India was ranked at 140 — seven spots lower than last year. China stood at 93. Iran was ranked at 117th position. Iraq at 126 and Afghanistan at 154 — just two spots above the last place. Bangladesh is ranked at 125th position.
Another positive thing is that Pakistan is among the top 20 gainers on the index, joined by the Philippines, and countries from Europe, Africa and Latin America. Among the 20 largest losers are countries from the Middle East, Africa, Western Europe, India, Malaysia, Venezuela and Ukraine.
‘The report also highlights the percentage of respondents in different countries that report donating to charity or doing volunteer work over the past month. In Pakistan, around 32.8 per cent of respondents reported donating to a charity, while 14.2pc reported volunteering within the 30-day period” 
~ via | DAWN 
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