Junaid Khan introduces his own web series ‘Keh do’

The actor will be seen in a new light!

Pakistani film actor Junaid Khan is all set to launch his very own motivational web series titled ‘Keh do’ on YouTube. The actor will share his personal life story, experiences, and views with his followers and subscribers.

The web series will bring out the candid side of the multi-talented actor who will also speak about his own opinions about different topics and situations. The show will ensure heart to heart conversations and will be more like the actor connecting with his fans on a personal level. The series will feature weekly episodes where Khan plans to encourage open communication with his beloved audience.

The actor believes he has responsibilities towards his audience and finds various appropriate forms of media to propagate his message.

“One doesn’t need to be confined to a single medium to articulate; I want to use this platform to connect with my audience.”

“I want to share with people how I handle different issues in my daily life, and maybe I can help others through this somehow,” he added.

A star in the world of showbiz, Saba Qamar, does something similar with her YouTube channel as well. She comes up with videos ensuring much-needed truth bombs about topics like depression, bullying, toxic societal norms, and relationships.

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