Justice Delayed But NOT Denied – Supreme Court Finally Gives Verdict On A 100-Years-Old Case

Justice delayed is justice denied – however not in this case. One can’t really decipher if it is worth celebrating that the justice was finally served to the ones who deserved or should we simply be horrified by how slow the process is.

The Supreme Court passes ruling on a hundred-year-old case – yes you read it right. After an entire century, the supreme court has finally announced a verdict on a property case. The case basically traces back to 1918, years before partition. Initially, it was brought to a court in Rajasthan, India over inheritance dispute over 700 acres land. The land is located in Bahawalpur region in Pakistan and thus, the case was transferred to the trial court in Bahawalpur post partition. From 1947 to 2005 the case was heard in trial court but unfortunately couldn’t reach any conclusion. It was finally taken to The Supreme Court of Pakistan, where the decision was finally announced after an entire century.

According to the complainants in this very case, the land belongs to their ancestors Shahabuddin who died in 1918 and that is when the dispute over the inheritance of the land started. The petitioners wanted the land to be split according to the Islamic law but now neither the original complainant nor most of his children are living. The Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar led the three-judge bench that announced the verdict of the case. As per the judge’s orders, the property will be distributed among the living rightful inheritors. The court further said that it will not deprive anyone of their legal share, even after a hundred years.

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