Justice for Farishta Mohmand: Another minor raped, killed in the capital

Farishta was abducted five days ago.

Farishta Mohmand A 10 Years Old Girl Raped and Murdered in Islamabad


Another day, another tragedy. Even in the month of Ramazan, the monsters and devils are free, running over our innocent flowers. 10 years old Farishta Mohmand was murdered after being subjected to brutal gang rape in Islamabad this week. Her dead body was found in the jungle last night.

Farishta Mohmand belonged to Mohmand district Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa (KPK) but was living in Islamabad, Chak Shahzad along with her family. She was abducted from outside her home on 15th May. After Farishta went missing, her father consulted Chak Shahzad Police station and asked for help to find her.

However, keeping up with the tradition, police didn’t even lodge an FIR. The grieving father was instead told that his daughter has willingly left her home and eloped with a guy.

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The helpless and hopeless father reached out to some people with political influence, which then lead to FIR. After four days the search began and the brutalised body was found in the jungle.

Four days to FIR:

Poor, helpless father of 10-year-old Farishta, who was abducted from Chak Shahzad Islamabad, raped & killed, sits outside Polyclinic Hospital demanding an autopsy on his daughter’s body. First police didn’t file an FIR for 5 days & now refusing to conduct her post mortem.

Father of Farishta Mohmand sits helplessly demanding postmortem


Public reaction:

People have demanded attention from the authorities and urgent action. Farishta’s case is not the first case of its nature and will not be the last either if no proper action is taken.

We want immediate and unconditional notice against the culprits. It’s a jungle out there full of wolves and grizzlies and nobody protects these angels. This barbarism has continued for ages and shall never stop. Paedophilia is an epidemic in the fortress of Pakistan, no poor boy or girl is safe. Sickened but not shocked.

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