Justice For Iqra: A Fallen Star Due To Mental Torture By University’s HoD

Our education system is flawed, gutted and chocked. We have always been obsessed with grade points, and have neglected the soft skills – leading to facing increased hurdles when it comes to practically stepping into the job market.

But even more than that, thanks to social media, what is getting exposed is how the university’s management is also quite active against their own students and are overlooking their competence over petty and insignificant issues.

One such case has been recently reported on social media sources where a student lost her life to extreme mental pressure imposed upon her by none other than the Head of Department himself.

Iqra Hameed was a student of 9th-semester Physiotherapy at the University of Lahore. She was studying at the main campus but later transferred to Gujrat campus. With being an exceptionally intelligent student with a 3.7 CGPA, she was a very socially active individual and served as GR of her class. She was part of a social initiative ‘Serving Humanity’, which worked for the education of the underprivileged.


However, the same social work took her life. Her department head had reservations regarding her social work and involvement, often pressurizing her to quit it. As a result, her assignments were often rejected as well, but despite all the discrimination, Iqra maintained her high CGPA.

Until one day, when the mental torture, threats and pressure became too much for her to bear. HoD Mr Ali Zaidi called her in the office, threatening her to be ready to get her thesis rejected and watch her future go down in the drain. In a WhatsApp conversation with her friend on the same day, Iqra mentioned how mentally stressed the circumstances had made her.

On the very same day, Iqra collapsed on the campus due to brain haemorrhage and was taken to the hospital. She lost her life to haemorrhage a week later on 22nd October. The story of the fallen star has been making rounds on social media for a few days, but the university management has offered no clarification of the event yet.

The Facebook page ‘Justice For Iqra’ is raising voice on the issue and is using the power of social media to demand justice for her, but the alleged culprit Mr Ali Zaidi has not given out any explanation yet. Recently another case of university’s negligence was reported when a girl lost life in the hostel because she was denied medical aid by the warden, but the administration tried to present it as a suicide case.

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