#WeAreWithKhadija – CJP Takes Notice After Celebrities, Politicians, Activists Slammed The ‘Shocking’ LHC Verdict

Monday: Lahore High Court acquitted a man convicted earlier for trying to kill his fellow student in a merciless knife attack.

One of the most high-profile cases that stirred the social media seem to have its final showdown – which to most of us, unfortunately, is not surprising. Though disappointed, our rotting justice system has come to a level where verdicts like these are often already expected.

In 2016, Khadija petitioned the court that her class fellow, Hussain, stabbed her 23 times on Davis Road, Lahore while she waited there to pick her younger sister. The attack was an after-math after she turned down his proposal.

Lahore High Court yesterday acquitted the accused butcher Hussain, which lead to a social-media outcry. The courts initially sentenced Shah Hussain to a 7 years in prison, that was later reduced to 5 years and now, he roams as a free man!

Not only the ‘shocking’ verdict is discouraging for a majority of the people who, after a long time, started to develop faith in the courts but also this gender-biased approach towards justice is demoralizing.
For ages, the crimes against women have gone unreported because of their reluctance to pursue cases formally as they lacked the trust in the institutions.
Unfortunately now when the brave Khadija, fighting against all odds, took a stand for her right to justice – she was turned down as well.

Following the verdict, #justiceforkhadija remained the top trend on Twitter. News outlets, journalists, human rights activities, celebrities and politicians took to social media voicing their concerns and demanding justice for Khadija. Here is what prominent personalities and notables had to say about it:

We, through our platform, to unanimously stand by Khadija through this. A woman, despite threats and pressure, was brave enough to pursue her case. We must support her in our capacities and not let her efforts die.

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