Justice For Kiran: Girl Who Lost Her Identity To Acid Attack

In patriarchal societies where women are treated as an agency and property of men, taking a ‘no’ can be quite a blow to the male’s fragile ego. When most of them do horrifying things that can truly out humanity to same, one repetitive and brutal form of ‘revenge’ is acid throwing.

Some women succumb to the wounds and lost the battle of their life but those who survive the cruelty lose their identity. It is terrifying to even think your entire identity slip your hands, giving a completely new direction to your life.

Quetta’s Kiran has a similar ordeal to narrate. Kiran earned her living by teaching in a local English academy. She was returning from work when the incident took place in Railway Society, Quetta. According to her, unknown men threw acid on her face and fled, leaving her helpless.

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Not only Kiran herself, but her mother also suffered the burns. Her mother was accompanying her on her way back home after work. The person who uploaded the video of Kiran on Twitter requesting the internet community for help and retweet her story to reach to mainstream media channels. Kiran is an orphan. After losing her father, she was married but was later divorced. After parting ways with her husband, she wanted to bear her burden herself and started teaching in the academy.



The social media community also condemned the incident and asked for justice for Kiran. Here is what the social media community had to say:




Among dozen bills passed in National Assembly in May 2018, the house unanimously passed Acid and Burn Crime bill for the relief of acid attacks victims. The bill assured relief of the victims, rehabilitate them and speeding up the accountability process. It asked for capital punishment for the culprit and least punishment for 7 years.

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