Justice For Qutub: Celebrities Raise Voice Against The Brutal Murder Of Young Artist

Blasphemy – what was initially meant to protect religious sentiments, became a safe haven for criminals to pursue their ugly ulterior motifs.
Because of how ‘sacred’ the allegation is, that no one dares to question. One of the latest victims of this young artist, Qutub Rind.

Renowned artist and NCA’s position holder Qutub was killed over a dispute of mere 120 rupees. It was first floated that the owner of his flat was asking for advance rent. The murder in his confessional video accepted that he took Qutub’s life for only a minor amount of money for his drug addiction. Qutub himself came from a financially struggling background and was trying restlessly to improve his life using his talent.

But neither he nor his family could celebrate that day. He was brutally beaten and then thrown from the third floor of the building, claiming his life.
But the worst part about it is that Qutub’s family says the killers initially tried to cover their sin saying he committed blasphemy. But later confessed that the actual reason for the murder was, in fact, the money.

Not sure what is worst – Pakistan losing such a productive and talented artist over money dispute or the murderers veiling their sin by using the religion card, but the incident is enough to upset any human being with a sense of morality and feelings.
The activists and his family have been protesting to ask for justice. They have rejected the cause of murder being rent, asking for money or blasphemy, and have demanded the formation of JIT to investigate the matter.

With them stands the highly influential showbiz community. Celebrities have taken to social media demanding justice for Qutub.

Here is what they have to say about the heartbreaking incident:

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