Justice Khosa, The Historic Judgement and The Ashtiname Of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)

In a historic judgement today, Aasia Bibi, Christian woman who was accused of blasphemy, has been set free. Aasia Bibi has been cleared of blasphemy charges and acquitted by Supreme Court. Chief Justice of Pakistan has ordered her immediate release if she isn’t connected to any other case.

Aasia, herself, was in disbelief when she heard the news of her freedom.

“I can’t believe what I am hearing, will I go out now? Will they let me out, really? I just don’t know what to say, I am very happy, I can’t believe it.” –  Aasia Bibi told AFP by phone from prison after the ruling.

The reasons of Aasia’s acquittal are the unexplained delay in FIR, inconsistency in witnesses’ testimonies, reliance on Aasia’s ‘extra-judicial confession’ and the failure of courts to take in account the circumstances, which included a heated argument about her faith. Violent protests have erupted across the country as expected, as the verdict has angered the ring-wing.

However, the most unconventional and praise-worthy aspect of this verdict is Justice Asif Saeed Khosa’s additional note, which not only speaks for his uprightness but also restores the true essence of Prophet (saww)’s character and the blasphemy law in itself. Justice Khosa says that disrespecting Prophet (saww) is a serious offence, but mixing truth with falsehood and using the name of Holy Prophet (saww) is not any less blasphemous either.

Excerpt from Justice Khosa’s judgement

Justice Asif Saeed also cited Ashtiname of Muhammad (saww) and said that it was a forever commitment. The Asthtiname of Muhammad (saww) or  Covenant or Testament is a charter or writ that granted protection and privileges for the followers of Jesus, given to the Christian monks of Saint Catherine’s Monastery.

Justice Khosa maintained that it was not a one-time commitment, but the promise that was made back then is still valid and will always be. He also questioned the negligence of the police, prosecutors and judges in the case and questioned how they let this injustice happen to an innocent woman for nearly a decade in his powerful separate opinion. He also said that the pieces of evidence and circumstances also raise the possibility that it was a fake blasphemy allegation.

The Patent of Prophet Mohammed PBUH Granted to the Holy Monastery of Sinai

Here are the details:

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