#JusticeForAasooKolhi: The latest victim of Sindh’s ‘wadera culture’

Aasoo Kolhi was 'abducted, raped' while her culprits are still at large.

Another day, another tragedy – and here we are, screaming and crying, once again. And what else can we do? With each tragic incident meeting our eye, all we can do is helplessly utter a few words, shed a few tears and move on.

Today, we are here to listen to the plight of Pakistan’s daughter, the latest victim of Sindh’s brutal ‘wadera culture’, innocent Aasoo Kolhi. Playing havoc with the life, dignity and honour of people, Sindh is still plagued by the curse of the feudal system, where human life is reduced to a few dimes.

Aasoo is not the first victim and unfortunately will not be the last as well. Something happens, hashtags trend and we are back at square one – silent – waiting for something to happen again.

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An influential named Saleem Babar abducted and raped 12 years old Aansoo Kohli in Sindh’s Umerkot. The incident happened four months ago. The social media news and the viral script from a Sindhi newspaper says that the minor was subjected to gang rape at the hands of Saleem, who is backed by influentials from governing Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He easily got his bail approved by the courts, the rapist is still at large.

سندھ: چار مہینے پہلے عمرکوٹ کے نزدیک 12 سال کی مسکین لڑکی آسو کولھی کو زیادتی کا نشانہ بنایا گیا۔ جوابدار سلیم بھبھر کی مقامی وڈیرے پشت پناہی کر رہے ہیں۔ سلیم نے سیشن، ہائی کورٹ اور سپریم کورٹ میں ضمانت دی پر رد کی گئی۔ کورٹ سے باآسانی بھاگ گیا جو چار مہینے گزرنے کے باوجود گرفتار نہیں کیا جا سکا۔ لوکل انتظامیہ سلیم بھبھر کا سپورٹ کر رہی ہے۔ کیس کو رفع دفع کرنے پر دباو ڈالا جا رہا ہے

The social media community has protested in favour of Aasoo, and have requested the people to raise voice to support the victim. The campaign with #JusticeForAasooKolhi made rounds on social media platforms, particularly Twitter yesterday.

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