#JusticeForAsifa: Understanding How Is Rape A ‘Weapon of War’

Imagine an innocent girl, only 8, who was probably not even able to decipher what’s happening to her – being sedated, drugged on an empty stomach, repeatedly gang-raped, tortured and then murdered inside a temple. Her helpless father says he knew something horrible happened to her and they looked everywhere except the temple because they thought it was a sacred place.

What’s more wrenching is that police refused to file a complaint saying she must have eloped with a guy. The police backed the rapists, helping them to wash her body and mud-spattered her clothes before sending them to the forensic lab. But, what was the intention behind this?

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It all comes down to this, an innocent 8-year-old was used to terrorize, show their upper hand and force the Muslim community to leave the land – in short, she was used as a weapon. Certainly, and unfortunately, this is not the first case where armed forces have used this crime to enforce themselves and pressurizing people.

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