#JusticeForChutki trending on Twitter after ‘Gold digger’ Chotta Bheem marries Indumati instead


It doesn’t matter if you’re from Pakistan or India, we’ve all grown up watching the famous Indian cartoon series ‘Chhota Bheem’.

If you’re familiar with the show, you would know about the entire storyline. Chotta Bheem, one of the main characters of the show, heroically saving the day along with his friends Chutki, Jaggu and Rajju. However, while Bheem tries to save the day, his enemy Kalia along with Dholu and Bholu mess with him.

The series is set in a fictional Kingdom of Dholakpur, a place in rural India. Dholakpur is ruled by Raja Indravarma, who has a daughter named Princess Indumati.

Now, viewers weren’t always sure about what was going to happen next but one thing that seemed obvious was that Bheem would, later on, marry his friend Chutki. But, that is not at all the case. The newer episodes of the series show that Bheem didn’t marry Chutki, he instead marries Princess Indumati.

While that may sound like an insignificant thing to you, the audience who grew up watching the show feel deeply heartbroken and betrayed. In fact, this news has shocked everyone so much that ‘#JusticeForChutki’ is trending on Twitter.

To show how sad they are, people have started making memes and are calling Bheem a ‘gold digger’ and ‘dhokaybaaz’ for completely sidelining his best friend Chutki and marrying the King’s daughter.

Here’s how the people feel about this ordeal:

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  • im glad I grew up in a different era and didn’t have to watch this! Tarzan. in the 90s we had Felix the cat and tom and jerry,

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