#JusticeForJazlan – the world needs to know about the tragic murder of this 17-year-old boy

A young man named Jazlan Faisal and his friend Shahmir was gunned down over a trivial issue in Bahria Town Karachi on Wednesday.

Details of the incident

According to media reports, Jazlan and Shahmir were going to Bahria Town for a group study session on the 24th of May. On the way, they came across a rash bike driver who was doing stunts and had a couple of close calls with Jazlan’s car.

Jazlan rolled down his car window and asked the bike rider to drive safely, and advanced. This statement offended the boy, who kept following Jazlan’s car and called more people. Eventually, six cars featuring 15 to 20 boys were speeding up behind Jazlan’s car.

Jazlan and Shahmir’s Bahria Town friends instructed the boys to stay in the car while they went out to try to de-escalate the situation. However, they were met with batons to their heads, and a massive physical fight broke out. One friend gestured to Jazlan and Shahmir to drive off.

However, before they could think about doing something, a young boy named Irfan Faiz approached the car and shot a bullet through the back window. The bullet grazed Shahmir’s skull and traveled straight into Jazlan’s head.

Upon witnessing the gory sight, the boys fled in their cars. Jazlan and Shahmir were shifted to hospitals. Shahmir underwent two successful surgeries and is now recovering at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. However, Jazlan was pronounced dead on the ventilator at Agha Khan Hospital in a few hours. His body was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) to fulfill medico-legal formalities.

Police involvement in the Matter

Jazlan’s uncle registered a case at the Gadap police station against the boys who murdered his nephew.

Gadap City SHO Fahad Hasan said:

The incident appears to result from a quarrel among youths over rash driving inside the BTK. The victim was driving his car while teenage suspect Hasnain and his friend were riding a motorbike in a ‘zigzag’ way. A scuffle broke out between Jazlan and him over the rash motorbike riding. Hasnain called his elder brother and some other friends, who came and, after heated arguments, opened fire on them and fled.

The police official further stated:

Both the victims and suspects were students belonging to rich families. We have detained a suspect Hasnain and efforts are underway to arrest the remaining suspects. Raids are being carried out to arrest the accused.

An investigation into the matter is currently underway. Jazlan’s friends and family have started a page on social media to create awareness about the incident, so media attention helps them get justice in the matter. Only time will tell whether power play rids the young boys of punishment or justice is finally achieved.

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