‘Kaala Pathar’ Is The Most Commonly Used Suicide Method Among Women In Punjab – What Is It?

Over the past few months, reported cases of suicide have risen concern. However, it still remains an unaddressed issue. Although, preventing reaching to this dangerous state needs effort on a personal level and also from friends and family but the authorities must take notice as to how suicide is being facilitated.

In February 2013, 174 people committed suicide, and another 58 people attempted suicide. Most among them by poisoning.
Source: Express Tribune

If you’re finding trouble to understand what we’re trying to convey, in the year 2017 703 cases of attempted suicide were recorded that were committed by ingesting “Black Stone” . Not just that, 150 lost lives in 2016 while 128 lost their lives in 2017 through this. (Source: Nation.com.pk)


Black stone or chemically known as Paraphenylenediamine is one of the major facilitators of suicide in women particularly. In the last year, 70 women in Punjab alone gave up their lives using black stone over financial troubles, domestic disputes and societal pressure. Black stone that is commonly used in hair dyes and henna is a strong coloring agent.

Unfortunately, in the wake of the recently increased number of suicides black stone, commonly known as Kalaa Pathar, is regarded as the cheapest poison for suicide. But, whats even more concerning is that you can get this for only 10 rupees and is still being shamelessly sold in the market.


Reportedly, three people are committing suicide every single day in the province of Punjab. The majority of the consumers are women belonging to lower or middle class. DC Dera Ghazi Khan, Muhammad Ibrahim Junaid called the situation seriously concerning. Talking to a news channel, he said:
‘’Viewing gravity of the situation, we request the Punjab government and the Home Department for a ban on its sale. That is why, Section – 144 has been imposed’’ (Source: ARY NEWS)

However, we do know that even though the chemical has been previously banned and the ban has been reimposed as well, but it is still being openly sold and is reachable to people of all ages including the younger lot. To overcome the problem, we need to act as a responsible citizen and keep an eye if this life-threatening facilitator is being sold in our localities or not.

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