[VIDEOS] Kamran Akmal posted a workout video and Netizens are losing it!

Quite an event!

Kamran Akmal is often the center of attention with the absolutely random content that he posts.

Recently, the batsman slash wicketkeeper posted a video in which he was doing a tough workout. He was seen doing squats, among various other exercises.

Twitteratis were quick to respond, some expressed concern, some cheered him on, and some simply grabbed their popcorn and observed the drama.

Others took it as the perfect opportunity to point fingers at senior journalist Ansar Abbasi, requesting action against the cricketer for posting a workout video. Abbasi had previously criticized a woman for working out on national TV for supposedly being indecent.

Have a look below:

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  • Excellant a good cricketer

    but corruption ethics honesty spot fixing is a major MEGA issue of his his brother mohd asif etc downfall sadly.

  • bhai…ab tuu ulta bhee latak jaa na ….bandar ki tarah….to bhee tu team mein wapis nahee aata…Allah kay fazal o karam say….jitna maal tu nay or teray bhaiyon nay banana thaa…jitnee group baazi tu nay karnee thee ..kar lee…ab aisay he videos post karta reh..shaabash..

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