Karachi Airport Police Officials Involved In Stealing Jeans, Selling Them In Local Market

In a shocking revelation, Karachi airport police officials are involved in stealing jeans and selling them in the local market. The investigation unfolded that as many as 8000 articles of export quality jeans were stolen and sold, piling to a worth of millions of rupees.

A team from investigation cell of Karachi police and CPLC (Citizen Liaison Committee) jointly raided Karachi’s famous Zainab market, arresting a shopkeeper involved in the theft. 334 clothing articles (pants) worth Rs. 117,000 were recovered from his possession.

The investigation officials have initiated an inquiry in the matter, and have confirmed that an organized group is involved in stealing the pants from the airport and selling them in the local market. This organized gang involves officials from Karachi airport police, some shopkeepers from Zainab market and brokers.

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The investigation has further revealed that Javed, an official from Karachi Airport police has acquired pre-arrest bail but have nabbed a private broker with the name Yasir.

The case unfolded as, Fayaz Ahmed, a manager from a well-known textile company, registered a complaint on December 25th. In his complaint with  Korangi Industrial Area Police Station, he said that European clients of his company are complaining of receiving less stock than actual quantity of consignments.

The maintained that when the international clients receive the stock, the number of articles received are less than initially packed before shipping. He showed doubt that either the company employees or the airport officials are involved in the theft. Fayaz also added that as many as 8000 pants have been stolen this way.

He said that the organized thefts have not only costed him financially but has also affected his credibility in the international market.

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