Karachi – That Was Declared The 6th Most Dangerous City In The World, Is Now 50th

Due to the risky security situation, terrorism and crime rate in Pakistan, we have seen an obvious decline in tourists and visitors. The situation further got worst when Karachi was declared the sixth most dangerous city in the world three years back. But recently, there has been an increase in foreign visitors and even social media influencers who have depicted through their work that the situation is not as bad as it seems to be.

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With collaborative efforts of security forces and civil administration, Karachi has been tremendously and appreciably able to improve its condition in three years that can be well reflected. From being the sixth most dangerous city in the world, Karachi is now on 50th position on international crime index by the largest user-contributed database about cities and countries across the globe, Numbeo.

Back in 2014, the economic capital of Pakistan was declared sixth with 81.34 crime index by the same surveyor firm. In 2015, the situation slightly improved where Karachi stood at tenth position. According to 2016 ranking, Karachi was twenty-sixth and in 2017 was declared forty-seventh out of 327 cities in the world. In 2017, Lahore stood on 119th whereas Islamabad 224th. But, by improving their position they are at 138th and 226th position respectively according to 2018, Numbeo international crime index. With the lowest crime index of 13.63 and safety index of 86.37 Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates was declared number one, followed by Doha, Qatar and Basel, Switzerland.

India’s Delhi came at 60th position with 57.34 crime index and 40.66 safety index. Mumbai came at 160th position. According to Numbeo’s scale, crime level below 20 is considered very low, between 20 to 40 is low, 40 to 60 being moderate, 60 to 80 being high and crime level higher than 80 being very high.

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