Karachi: Eight people arrested for running a fake gold jewelry heist inside a bank

Recently, eight people (including two women) were accused of allegedly replacing gold ornaments with artificial jewelry in the lockers of their bank clients. Authorities arrested the group of accused on Friday.

Here’s what happened:

Reports state that the bank’s branch manager, along with other staff members, regularly replaced their client’s gold jewelry with fake gold jewelry. The suspects also obtained Rs. 750 million loan from the same stolen gold.

Eventually, the Heist came to light

The senior officers of the bank conducted a regular audit which unveiled all the wrongdoings of the eight accused.

During the audit, 50 sealed bags kept in the locker of the branch were checked, and the jewelry in the bags was found to be fake. Upon further investigation, the audit team found that the accused stole the jewelry through fake ledgers and dummy clients.

Police are involved in the matter

The audit team lodged two FIRs at Shahra-e-Faisal and Aziz Bhatti police stations against the bank officials and fake customers on the 3rd of August and the 4th of August. Soon after, the accused were arrested by the Investigation Police District East.

Upon the arrest, the police officials recovered 3.100kg gold, cash Rs. 2,030,000, and four vehicles. Further investigation into the matter is underway.

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  • فائز عیسی یا لوہار کورٹ سے رجوع کرو انکو ہڈی ڈالو ضمانت کرالو بڑی ہڈی اور راتب ڈالو اور بری ہو جاؤ

  • Please let the name of the Bank be released to the general public after all the customers trust the bank and if bank staff cheat them they have the right to know who those culprits are and from which Bank.

  • So much creativity is wasted in negative ideas.

    Unfortunately the real culprits will again flee safely by the blessings of Zardaris and sham courts while some of their weaker partners might get arrested.

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