Karachi: Female Employee Asked To Resign From Job For Wearing Hijab

A software house in Karachi has told their newly recruited female employee that she has to choose between her job and hijab.

The incident exposes two extremes of the same society. On one side, a woman was denied entrance in Punjab Secretariat for not wearing a dupatta while on the other hand, a female employee of a leading digital agency named Creative Chaos was told she can only continue work with the company if she takes her hijab off as it gives a regressive image of the brand. 

The affected individual told a local news source that the action was taken as according to the management, it damaged the agency’s image as ”all-embracing workplace” 

The affected woman also told that the action was also defended in her meeting with the Company’s Chief Executive. He refused to give the order in written but pushed her to resign. He also suggested her names of two Islamic banks as alternatives.

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Furthermore, she was also threatened and pressurised to not pursue any legal action. When the incident went viral across social media after the Facebook post, drawing sharp criticism, the CEO of Creative Chaos Jawwad Kadir responded confirming that the incident did take place and also issued an apology. He said that he feels ashamed for what happened and the stress a fellow colleague was put through.

“Yesterday, a senior member of our staff asked a colleague to resign on unprofessional and unethical grounds. Not only is this action disgraceful but shows extremely poor moral judgement by her hiring manager. I take full responsibility for this failure and am deeply ashamed that a colleague was put through distress and trauma.” – said Jawwad Kabir.

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