Karachi’s Forgotten ‘Ghost Women’: WATCH VIDEO

Many women living in the facility are cut off from all family ties.


The Edhi Foundation has been administering Karachi’s psychiatric facility for women named Bilquis Edhi House. It’s Asia’s largest and the only psychiatric clinic in Pakistan that offers its services for free.

Many women living here are cut off from all family ties. The people outside consider them locked away – like “ghosts” whose appearance induces horror and fear.

The facility is home to 1,700 patients. However, not all the women who are cared for in the foundation are mentally ill. Instead, some are victims of the violence.

These women are beaten and then repudiated by their husbands, mistreated by their in-laws, stigmatized by their own families, who make them bear the brunt of their marriage’s failure and reject them. They find themselves alone and without a future.

Speaking to a source, the Head of Bilquis Edhi House, Dr. Naseem Atiq, said, “Many women who are currently in the foundation reach a point where they can’t cope with the abuse anymore, and they develop personality disorders. In the end, they cant be kept at home anymore.”

Dr. Naseem added. “Families in Pakistan have no idea about mental health problems. So they don’t consider it an illness worth consulting a doctor.”

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